APTA Applauds Passage of HIRE Act

Law Will Create Jobs for Americans through investments in public transit

The American Public Transportation Association (APTA) applauds President Barack Obama for signing the HIRE Act into law today. The HIRE Act contains essential federal investment in public transportation that will help the tens of millions of Americans who ride public transportation and the millions of Americans seeking employment.

“When President Obama signed the HIRE Act into law today, he sent a strong signal that public transportation investment is a valuable tool in America’s recovery and future economic health,” said APTA President William Millar. “When it comes to job creation, public transportation takes us there – and this bill helps take us there faster.”

The HIRE Act, which extends the deadline for federal surface transportation legislation until December 31, 2010, is a much needed stop-gap measure. The Federal Transit Administration can now allocate the remaining funds that have already been appropriated for Fiscal Year (FY) 2010.  The HIRE Act also provides a transfer of funds to the Highway Trust Fund, including $4.8 billion to the Mass Transit Account, ensuring the solvency of the Mass Transit Account through the end of FY 2011.

APTA continues to call on Congress to pass further jobs legislation and a robust multi-year surface transportation bill that will enable public transportation systems to plan for the future.

“The longer we wait for a new bill, the less public transit systems and public transit businesses can support and create American jobs. Passing a long-term transportation authorization bill will be the best thing for public transportation riders and will also help our country’s economic recovery,” said APTA President William Millar.


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